Thursday, August 30, 2012

Summer Fun

Here is DH, getting ready for our annual baseball game.
DS really did have a good, even though he still hates to have his picture taken.

This is from our vacation to Michigan at the end of July.  We visited some of DH's friends in Detroit and they  had a cookout while we were in town.

 There was also a fireworks display and after the first few booms, DS finally started to enjoy fireworks.

The rest of the pictures are from the Henry Ford Museum and the historical village they have there.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Branching out

Well, I've sort of run out of people to give quilts to for a while and we don't really need any more for ourselves (except for a queen sized one that I'm not going to attempt for a little while) so I'm working on other types of sewing projects.   Several little things are for Christmas gifts and I started a Mariner's compass Christmas wall hanging.  I got the compass finished but I can't decide if it should be wall hanging or a table topper so it's been set aside until further inspiration hits.

I stopped at Walmart the other day and found a rack of clearance fabrics for $0.50 - $1.00 per yard, so even though I don't have room for any more fabric in my stash I brought home nearly 19 yards for just over $12 which included a pink, brown and white plaid and a blue and white plaid.   I decided to make a dress for DD but after several days of searching I couldn't find any free pattern that I liked and after thinking about it for an evening I came up with my own pattern.

Here is the tutorial, but I've never written one before so hopefully the pictures make up for anything lacking in the instructions.  This makes a fully reversible jumper for a 6 month old baby girl but it should be easy to adjust the size for a 3 month or 9 month size.

All seam allowances are 0.5" except the straps which use a 0.25" seam allowance to reduce bulk.

1/3 yd of Fabric A (pink)
1/3 yd of Fabric B (blue)
4 snaps
scraps of fusible interfacing
thread which coordinates with both fabrics

From each fabric cut out the following pieces:

Straps (need 2 of each fabric) - 13" x 1.5" strips
Bib (1 of each fabric) - 7" x 6" rectangle
Skirt (2 of each fabric) - trapezoid measuring 12" on top and 16" on bottom and 8" tall.

On each side of the 4 skirt pieces you will need to cut out a half-teardrop shape.  I measured down 3" from the top and then used a quarter to mark the curve.  The bottom of the quarter should be 3" from the top.

Once the half-teardrop is cut out, place the 2 Fabric A skirt pieces right sides together and sew the sides together from the bottom of the half-teardrop to the bottom of the skirt.  Repeat with Fabric B skirt pieces.  Press the seams open.  On the Fabric A skirt, add a small piece of interfacing to all four top corners of the half-teardrop cuts.  Make sure the interfacing covers the area where the snaps will be attached later.

Next take one Fabric A strap and one Fabric B strap and place them right sides together.   Sew on three sides and leave one short side open.  Trim the corners off.  Add a 1" square piece of interfacing on one side of the strip on the closed end just inside the seams.   Turn right side out.  Press.  Then topstich around the sewn sides.   Repeat for second set of strips.

Place the 2 bib pieces right sides together and sew three sides together leaving one 7" side open.   Add 1" squares of interfacing on top corners of Fabric A side.   Turn right side out and press.  Then topstich around sewn sides.

Turn Fabric B skirt right side out and place inside the Fabric A skirt so that the right sides are together.

Pin the half-teardrop shapes together matching the seams.  

Find and mark the center of the top of one half of the Fabric A skirt.   Find the center of the bib and mark it on the open side.  Insert the bib between the Skirt A and Skirt B so that the marks are aligned and Fabric A of the bib faces Fabric A of the Skirt.

 Pin in place making sure to only pin the bib and the top two layers of skirt.  Next, mark the edges of the bib on to the back pieces of the skirt and insert the straps so that the outside edges of the straps are on the marks you just made.  Angle the left strap 15 degrees to the left and the right strap 15 degrees to the right so that the straps cross each other.  Pin in place making sure that the full width of the strap will be caught in the seam.

Sew around the top of the skirt to attach the bib and straps. Turn right side out and press.  Now is a good time for a fitting to check the length of the straps and the height of the bib (if your model is less squirmy than mine).   Next, topstitch around the top of the skirt.

Fold under the seam allowance on the bottom of the skirt for both Fabric A and Fabric B sides, then pin both sides together and topstitch.

Now you are ready to add on the snaps.  For the sides, I eyeballed the placement at about 3/4 inch from each edge of the corners.  On the straps/bib, one side of the jumper will have the end of the straps hidden under the bib and the other side will have the ends of the straps visible on the front of the bib.  Choose which side will have the straps on the front and attach half of a snap with the back of the snap on the side you wish to be visible.  Then attach the other half of the snap to the bib with the back of the snap on the other fabric.

Now you have a finished and reversible jumper!

Originally I planned to add an embellishment of some sort to the straps to cover the back of the snap on the exposed side, but then I found these snaps with pearl center to the backs.  They were just the touch I was looking for so I used the pearl backs on both sides of all the snaps.  I like how they dress up the jumper just a bit.

This jumper was so easy to make, I plan to make DD a few more closer to the holidays with holiday themed fabric (ie. one side Valentine's day, one side St. Patrick's day, or one side Christmas, the other side something suitable for everyday)

I hope these instructions are clear enough.  Let me know if I can answer any questions.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What we have been up to


Just a random photo of lunchtime

Rides at our parrish festival

Some fun around the house

DD and Mimi on Father's day at our house

 A walk in country on a summer morning

 Here is DS playing with his youngest cousin.

DD's baptism