Thursday, September 15, 2011

Violet quilt

Well, as of my last post, I had just realized I needed a crib quilt to be finished in just three weeks.   So in the interest of time, I finished all the lotto blocks for August, but instead of entering them in the lotto or making a wall hanging, I turned them into this quilt:

I really like the backing fabric.  I had originally basted the quilt with a plain muslin back, but then I noticed a lot of puckering and slack in the quilt so I took out all the pins to rebaste it.  Then, before I got the time to re-baste, I found this fabric in my stash and although I hated to part with it, I think it makes a great backing.  I was hoping to find something to do with it that would show off the lovely pattern and this certainly fits the bill.

I had hoped to use a stencil for quilting the sashing.  I thought I had the perfect stencil, but when I started to trace it on to the quilt I found out that the stencil was 10 inches long but I needed one 10.5 inches long in order for the pattern to match up correctly in the intersections.  Maybe next time I can plan ahead and make the sashing the correct width to fit the stencil I want to use.  This was my first quilt with sashing wide enough to quilt in so it was a learning experience.

I did end up with 2 blue violets that I entered in the Block Lotto for August, but I didn't win.  Funny thing though, the person right below me made only a few blocks and she ended up winning.  So if I had just entered the full 9 blocks I planned to, I probably would have won!  Oh well, I'm happy to make this quilt for DH's goddaughter and I barely got it finished in time.

In other news, DH and I just celebrated our 4th anniversary!  We will be taking an overnight trip to a little cabin and leaving DS with grandma and grandpa.  I'm a little worried about DS, but I know my mom can handle it and I'm really looking forward to a couple of days with just DH and I.