Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Life as a homeowner

So, we are now in our fourth week of homeownership and things are still in a mess. Tonight, for the third night in a row, I am going to attempt to unpack the books and put them on the bookshelf in the living room. We didn't do it earlier because we were waiting to get the living room furniture and rearrange the layout. The furniture has been here a week, arranged the way we like for 5 days, so it's about time to tackle the books.

After the books are unpacked, we have a few more boxes of baking dishes to put somewhere and quite a few games to tuck away in some as of yet unidentified corner of the house. It really won't take that long, but between painting the back door, cooking, cleaning, laundry and child care, it just hasn't happened yet.

Now I just got a phone call from DH's brother, he and his wife are going to stop up for dinner tonight. Looks like the books won't be getting unpacked tonight. I've got some chicken kebabs for the grill, but nothing else on the menu yet. Oh well.

Did I mention the grass hasn't been cut in a couple weeks? The grass itself really doesn't need to be cut, but all the weeds in the grass are getting pretty high. Got to call up the neighbors and ask to borrow their lawn mower again some time this week.

Oh, I forgot to mention DS has made his first drawing to hang on the fridge! We gave him a coloring book and some crayons the other day and I think he spent 20-30 min just coloring while DH and I talked with a friend who stopped by. It was great! I don't know if it's normal for a 16mo old to be coloring, but he just looks so proud of himself when the crayon colors on the page! Ahh, motherhood, so many trials, but so many joys.

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Plumbing is Fixed!

So we moved into our new house on August 6th, a week later than we had planned. Fortunately, our realtor was willing to drive to Columbus so we could close on Friday rather than waiting to close until Monday. And between DH, Papa, BIL, Grandpa, and the realtor, all the plumbing problems are now fixed. And trust me, there were a lot of plumbing problems. It seemed like as soon as they fixed one, another one popped up. We still need to get someone out there to clear some slow drains, but, everything is useable for now.

A few days ago, DH locked himself out of the house. So instead of calling a locksmith, he kicked in the back door, so replacing the back door got added to our list of home repairs.

Now of course, we still have plenty of things to keep us busy, like hang blinds, hang a medicine cabinet in the upstairs bathroom, hang a smoke detector, fix the hole in the diningroom wall, repaint, weed the gardens, fix the fence, and the list keeps going on, and on, and on....

On a different note, DH starts third shift today. He goes in at 11:00pm and gets off at 7:30am. I sure hope he can stay awake, and then rest during the day. I have a feeling he is going to skimp on sleep to work on the house, at least for this first week. I'm going to miss sleeping with him. And, I have to get used to getting DS and myself ready in the mornings with out DH around to help. Still, I'm thankful he has a job in this economy. I hope he ends up liking the work he is doing.