Thursday, January 5, 2012

More home improvements

Well, DH was pretty busy this fall with replacing part of the fence in our backyard.  Between finding the time and waiting for the weather to cooperate, he managed to to stain all the wood, dig the post holes, pour the concrete, build the fence, build and mount the gate and install a new magnetic latch (with some help from his brother, BIL, and a little bit of help from me).      And while this picture looks extremely crooked (a side effect of the panoramic camera setting), the fence is actually very straight.

In other news, we decided it was time to replace the refrigerator.  It has been leaking cold air from the freezer ever since we moved in, but other than that it has worked fine.  Until the light fixture broke.   We thought about just fixing the light, but decided to bite the bullet and get a new one, instead of throwing a few hundred dollars into a leaky fridge that could bite the dust at any time.  I think I'll be really happy with the one we picked out.  But before it comes next week, DH will have to move a light switch, run a water line, and remove the wine rack from the kitchen wall.   I hope it doesn't look too big in our kitchen, but I know I'll enjoy the 26 cubic feet after using our current 18 cubic foot one.

Happy New Year!

And to start off the new year, what better than a pic of DS in his favorite (currently) robot jammies and new sun glasses?
I am happy to report that DS seems to be ready and mostly willing to potty train.   We have been encouraging him for several months, but I just haven't had the motivation to really push for him to get out of diapers.   I was going to start it at the beginning of last fall, but when DS saw the pull-ups, he insisted they were swim diapers and threw a 10 minute fit when he realized that he wasn't going to go swiming.  After that, I just decided to wait until all of our long car rides around the holidays were behind us because I really didn't want to have to stop every 30 minutes to let him go potty.  Hopefully this all works out and DS is finished with diapers/pull-ups by the time our new little one arrives in March.