Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November happenings

 Well, November has been a fairly busy month for us.  My brother is engaged to a wonderful young woman and her family invited my entire family over for dinner at their house.  They have a small farm, with lots of land an even some chickens.  We had a really nice evening and DS enjoyed playing with his cousins and the other little kids around.

We also found some time to go out to the park and play.  One weekend, DS really wanted to go see some boats but he fell asleep in the car on the way to the river so we just turned around and let him sleep on the way home.

Best of all, we found the time to go see the train display at the museum center!  I had to resort to tickling DS in the car on the way there to keep him from falling asleep, but it worked.

 This display has been setup every year for the past 60 something years downtown, but this is the first time it has been moved to the museum center.

DS had a great time seeing all the trains, he even go to ride in one which just made his day.  All this excitement just wore him out though and he was down for a nap about two minutes after we got in the car.  A visit to Mimi and Papa's house for dinner just made for a great day all around.

We hosted my family for Thanksgiving again.   It worked out well so DH could get a good day's sleep and still make it to the party in time for supper.  While a bit crowded at our house, it's nice to let Mom and my sister have a break from hosting the family gatherings.

The following Saturday saw us taking a trip down to Louisville to eat a Thanksgiving meal with DS's family.   It was just a day trip this time which meant we had Sunday to recuperate from all the festivities.

November update

Well, it's been a while since I've made my last post so I thought it was time for an update.  These are the blocks I made for the October block lotto.  I posted them just one day before the deadline.  I originally started working on a Sunbonnet Sue block, and I packed it up to work on in the car on our trip down to Nashville but it never made it into the car and I couldn't find it at home so I made these blocks as a last minute entry.
 I'm glad I did because I finally won!  I now am the happy owner of 49 different 8" sampler blocks which I plan to turn into a quilt for the guest bed in the basement once I finish a few other projects.

These are my block lotto entries for November.  It's not exactly my style, but it would still be nice to win again.
There is no block lotto for December.  The coordinator is in the middle of changing jobs and recovering from some severe allergy problems so she called a break for the month.   I won't mind taking a month off since I have 3 other quilts in the plans for this month.

If I can find the time to take pictures, I will upload some photos of the crib quilt I finished for DH's nephew due around Christmas and of the progress I have made on our bed quilt.  

I've been avoiding the bed quilt because I couldn't figure out how to trim up the blocks so that they would make a nice, non-poofy star center.  I finally decided to bite the bullet and sew the eight sections into pairs and then trim the pairs to a 90 degree angle since triming the 8 sections to a symetrical 45 degree angle was too hard to figure out.  Now all 8 sections are sewn together, but I have to figure out how to eliminate some wavy edges on the star before I add the background fabric.

I've also got the pieces cut for two more crib quilts but haven't started sewing them yet.