Monday, June 13, 2011

Yet another busy weekend

So yet another weekend has come and gone and we have packed it as full as possible.   Saturday we went down to visit DH's sister and her family in Louisville. 

DS hates to have his picture taken lately, but he loves to take the pictures himself.   DS got ahold of the camera and I helped him take this picture of Daddy after supper on Saturday.

Sunday was Pentacost and the church we went to had all the readings read in another language and then followed by English.  I was told they used Russian, German and Greek.  It was kind of interesting, but I was confused at first until I realized this was something sepcial planned for Pentacost.

After lunch we made a quick visit to DH's brother's house to see some new improvements that they made in their yard, including a new playset and couple of compost bins.

We drove home and got back in town just in time for dinner at my niece's birthday party.  Then, we left early and stopped at a graduation party before finally getting home around 8:45 on Sunday evening.   I can't wait for a quiet evening at home.  All the chores can wait, I want to sit down and sew or watch a couple shows or just spend time with DH and DS.

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