Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Long overdue update

Well, it certainly has been a while since I’ve posted anything here.  Not a whole lot of sewing going on lately.   DH and I are expecting another baby in March so I’m still in the first trimester yuckiness and I’ve been going to bed at least an hour early each night which really cuts down on sewing time.  I have been able to finish these blocks for the block lotto though.  The checkerboards were for July and the violets are the block for August.   I have more of the violets nearly finished and I plan to make a wall hanging out of them.

I also found a pattern for this really cute toy tent.  Once I made the tent, DS decided it worked much better as a hat.

 In other news, we have had a really busy summer.  DH and his dad successfully installed air conditioning to our second floor bedrooms just in time to keep us cool during the record 90 degree heat wave we had in July.  There are still a few small parts of the project to finish, but they can wait until the nice weather is gone. 

We have been having several rounds of house guests too, starting with DH’s dad helping with the AC, then his 2nd oldest brother and his family.  They spent a weekend with us and we had a really nice time going to the park and walking around the nearby town center.  Their 2 young daughters were taking some beginning sewing classes so before they left on Sunday I helped the girls and my sister in-law to make their own little needle books.  They seemed to really enjoy it. 

The next weekend was a birthday party at the pool for my dad, my two sisters and my brother in-law.  We had DS wearing a flotation vest and water wings in the pool and I think he had a blast.  He didn’t want to get out of the water and really enjoyed playing with his cousins in the pool. 

The weekend after that we had planned to go camping with several families from church but the forecast was for 90 degree heat and rain all weekend long so we cancelled those plans in favor of a dinner together at one family’s house.   Saturday we went to the fire museum hoping that since DS is really into fire trucks that he would have a good time.  Unfortunately, the manikins on the various exhibits scared him.  There was also a fire truck that you could climb in and turn on all the lights and sirens.  For some reason he was scared of that too.  I think it was the noise. 

A couple weeks ago, my parents invited us to a fundraiser dinner.  They had bought a whole table of tickets so we sat with my parents and my two oldest brothers and their dates.  Many of the friends I haven’t seen in a while were there too and it was nice to get to catch up with some of them.    We also were able to find a babysitter in the area to watch DS so we could enjoy a long awaited night out.    I was somewhat worried about how DS would handle the babysitter since we almost never leave him with anyone other than my mom, but he did fine.  Now, if hiring a babysitter wasn’t so darn expensive, we might go out a little more often now that we know someone who can babysit for us. 

After one weekend to relax and catch our breath, this past weekend was spent visiting with DH’s oldest brother and his wife.  They made it up to our house Friday evening.  On Saturday we went to the zoo for several hours since they had never been to our zoo.  In the evening we went to a minor league baseball game.  It was a really nice night for a game, the temperature had cooled off and our seats were in the shade.   DS had a great time because the stadium had a petting zoo and a playground off the third base line so he didn’t have to be stuck in the seats the whole time.    He also got to play a “bubbles” game on Aunt Paula’s cell phone and that just made his day.

This weekend we have DH’s oldest sister and her family coming up overnight.  This is their annual major league baseball game weekend and DH will be joining them for a night at the ball park.  I’ll be staying home with DS since neither one of us will do well staying up until the game is over.

 I just realized this morning that DH’s newest niece is being baptized in September.  I made a baby quilt as a gift for her older brother’s baptism and would like to make one for her baptism too so I guess I’ll have to get sewing if I’m going to have it ready on time.  I just have to decide on a pattern.

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