Saturday, October 15, 2011

Stories to remember

First story.... A couple of weeks ago, we were cleaning up the kitchen after supper and DS decided he would help so he pulled the broom out of the closet and started sweeping the floor.   The next thing I know, he is lying on his back on the kitchen floor and bench pressing the broom!  I can only guess that he learned that from watching the babysitter's son do some of his training exercises for his football team.

Second story ....Last night we were visiting my parents.  My brother had made an apple pie and it was cooking in the oven.  Some of the filling must of spilled in the oven and it started burning then the smoke alarm went off.  DS ran into the kitchen, put his hand over his nose and said "uh-oh, hat-truck Mom?" (Hat-truck means firetruck).  We all started laughing, I guess something has sunk in from all the times he has watched episodes of Fireman Sam on Netflix.

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