Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January fun

Well, January was a fun time at our house.  The holiday's being over meant that we could do other fun  activities.  DS enjoys perfecting his skills as a budding photographer (just like his dad) with mommy and the cat being some of his favorite subjects.

 He has also been helping me sew on the weekends.  He wants to do everything, take out pins, feed the fabric through, lift the presser foot, press the foot pedal, etc.

 Other fun thing this month include playing pirates, complete with spyglass, treasure map and boat (truck), having grilled chicken for dinner on a 60 degree day, going to the museum center and an afternoon of bowling with Papa and the uncles and aunt, and playing cowboy with daddy.

Vaccum tubes are facinating
Can we build a rocket ship?
Every little boy needs to help build a skyscraper

Rocks are a boys best friend
Here is a budding chef

Bowling with daddy
By the end of the day, he's bowling by himself

DH also enclosed the ductwork in the upstairs bathroom with a nicely built wooden box.  He used bead board to match the lower half of the walls in the bathroom.  Now I just have to prime and paint it and it will be finished and look nice!

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  1. Nice post Ellie,
    really like the photos with captions and the fun with DS