Friday, October 8, 2010

Expensive Repairs

So, I'm making my first-ever twin size quilt.   I started it last winter with the idea that it would be for Joseph when he is old enough to move into a twin size bed (this also gave me lots of time since he was under one year old when I started it).  Once I got the top pieced together, I decided to machine quilt it on my new sewing machine.  Good idea, right?     Wrong.   The fabric I picked out for the backing is a nice, thin, denim type of material with all these cute bugs embroidered everywhere.  It turns out those cute little bugs are not so cute.  After sewing through one-to-many of those things, I messed up the timing and needle position of my machine.  Lesson learned, and all remaining quilting will be done by hand.  I just hope the machine can handle a few more bugs when it comes time to sew on the binding.

I do have a few small sewing projects in mind to start on when my machine is back from the repair shop.  Mainly Christmas gifts and tote bags.  I'll have to post a few pictures when I get them finished.

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