Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cincinnati, Ohio

So here is my latest project!

I plan to make a few of these little purses as Christmas gifts and this was my trial run.
It is supposed to have batting between the layers of fabric. I didn't use any for this sample and it really could use it. The purse is just so lightweight without it that I think it will be hard to use. I really think it would be great to make this out of some old blue jeans and put a pocket on one side, so I'll have to search through my winter clothes for a pair that can be reassigned to the rag bin.
The pattern calls for a magnetic closure, but I plan to put in a zipper instead on the final versions.

Speaking of zippers, I found this outlet store near my house. They don't really have much in the way of fabric, but they have 1500 sq ft of thread, buttons, zippers, lace, hem tape, machine accessories, sewing tools etc. And the prices are great! 28 cents for a 9 inch zipper and 72 cents for a 22 inch zipper! I really got a kick out of the one whole wall with nothing but bra cups and shoulder pads! I'll have to get a catalog and see if there is anything to add to my Christmas list.

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