Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Birthday boy

Here is the birthday boy! Once we got to the cake, icecream, and presents, I think he actually realized that this party was for him.

The past two weekends have been major house-project weekends. Our backyard is now torn up and muddy - all part of an effort to improve the drainage. Quite a few electrical projects have been worked on. We now have much better lighting in the basement and garage, and some added conveience with new outlet boxes and light switches.

 DH has made a start on the rain barrels which will be going behind the garage, it will be nice to have free water for the garden this year. We have planted a couple blueberry bushes too. I don't expect to get much if any harvest this year, (in fact I think it is recommended to pinch off all flowers to make the plant focus on growing) but next year should be nice!

And still very little sewing going on. I made one block to go in a friend's wedding quilt, but nothing else. I did get to go to the quilt show this year. It was huge! I only had a few hours to spend there and I think I only saw half of it. That half was enough though, I got a dozen FQs and 4 or 5 stencils.

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