Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday time is here!

I'm so excited, it's our first time to celebrate the holiday's in our own home!    For some strange reason, I've volunteered to host Thanksgiving AND Christmas at our house this year.  Thanksgiving should be no problem.  Mom is cooking the turkey, gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce and JP will bring desserts.  That just leaves me with a few side dishes and beverages.  Oh...and a house to clean.   DH will be working that night, but it should be no problem since he doesn't go in till late.

Christmas on the other hand is a little daunting to me.   We are hosting DH's family of 25+ people and they all have to drive in from 2-5 hours away.   Some will be spending the night, so we will have to have breakfast and possibly luch for a crowd the next day too.  Add to that the fact that this is the first time I(we) will be hosting a party for my inlaws so I want to make sure they all have a good time.     Lucky for me, it works out best for the rest of the family to celebrate Christmas together on New Year's day rather than Christmas and I have New Year's Eve off work so there will be plenty of time to get things ready.

I'm really looking forward to seeing DS's reaction to the cold weather and snow this year.  Last year he was too little to really want to play outside and investigate the snow but this year should be different.  He also should be more aware of the Christmas tree, presents and everything else that goes on this time of year.

I'm looking forward to many wonderful memories this Christmas.  (sorry I forgot to publish this for over a month)

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